Pavin denies offering pick with Woods

Posted: 12/08/2010 in PGA

Pavin: Gray’s report inaccurate on Woods’ Ryder Cup pick

USA Ryder  Cup  captain  Corey Pavin  denied reporter  Jim  Gray’s assertion that he  stated Tiger Woods will definitely be selected with a captain’s pick should the world No. 1 golfer not make the team on points.

Pavin,  when prompted  to address  Gray’s Golf  Channel report,  said, “…his interpretation of what I said is incorrect.”

The  1993 United States  Open champion went on to say, “I would not disrespect any of the players that are potential players on the team, and obviously there was a misinterpretation of what I said, and that is an incorrect quote.”

The back-and-forth did not stop there.

After the media session at the PGA Championship with Pavin and European  Ryder Cup captain  Colin Montgomerie ended, Gray  approached Pavin, and according to reports,  got into  his face,  calling him  a liar  and saying,  “You’re going down.”

According  to reports from the media session, Pavin responded, “You’re full of it.”  Other  words  were  exchanged in  the  confrontation,  which  reportedly included Pavin’s wife, Lisa.

Gray  asserted again  on  Golf Channel  earlier Wednesday  that  he stood  100 percent behind the report.

Woods  currently sits  10th on  the  points list  with the  top eight  players automatically qualifying, leaving Pavin four captain selections.

– Stephen (DS LLC.)


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