Jets, Revis’ agents to keep talks ‘confidential’

Posted: 12/08/2010 in NFL

Jets, Revis will keep talks confidential

New York Jets

The New  York Jets  and holdout  cornerback Darrelle  Revis  will  keep  the  remainder  of  their  contract  negotiations confidential.

Revis,  who has three  years remaining on his rookie contract, wants to be the highest-paid player at his position and both sides appear to be at an impasse.

The  New York  Daily News has reported  that the Jets have offered Revis a 10- year  deal  worth $120 million,  but have not  included the specific amount of guaranteed money.

Revis  wants to  surpass the  contract signed  last year  by Oakland’s  Nnamdi Asomugha, who is set to average $16.5 million over the next two years.

After the first episode of “Hard Knocks,” which provides an inside look at the Jets’  training camp, aired on HBO Wednesday night, both parties said Thursday the talks will stay private.

“Both  parties  have had conversations  to clear the  air and will continue to negotiate with the hopes of reaching an agreement,” a joint statement from the Jets   and  Revis’  agents  read  Thursday.  “From  this  point  forward,  all discussions regarding these negotiations will remain confidential.”

Revis’  agents  have been  quoted in the  New York papers  as saying they have given the team contract proposals that would make the All-Pro a Jet for life.

The Jets, in the “Hard Knocks” episode, painted a dark picture of the contract talks.

General  manager  Mike Tannenbaum was  quoted as saying Revis’ agents “haven’t said one thing that I agree with. We’re so freakin’ far apart that I feel like a failure right now.”

Jets  head coach  Rex  Ryan has  been  saying during  his  media briefings  at training  camp that the  team is preparing as if Revis won’t be with the team.

He  also was quoted  on the “Hard Knocks” program as saying the team “will not be bullied by anybody.”
Revis  is reportedly due to make just $1 million this year as part of the deal that he held out for as a rookie. However, had he not held out and reported to training  camp,  a $20 million  guarantee over the  final two years would have kicked in.

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