Ole Miss coach settles Ohio defamation lawsuit

Posted: 17/08/2010 in NCAAB

Ole Miss basketball coach Kennedy settles lawsuit

Ole Miss  men’s basketball  head coach  Andy Kennedy  has  agreed to settle a  lawsuit stemming from a December 2008 run-in with a cab driver in Cincinnati.

The  Clarion-Ledger  on Tuesday reported  that Kennedy will pay an unspecified amount of money to drop a defamation lawsuit against Mohammed Jiddou and valet Michael  Strother,  if the two  men in turn apologize  to Kennedy and drop any potential countersuits.

The amount of the settlement will be confidential, according to the paper.

Kennedy  was arrested  when  Ole Miss  was in  Cincinnati  to play  Louisville in  the  SEC-Big East  Challenge.  In  the  police  report, Kennedy,  who  was arrested  in the  early  morning hours,  was alleged  to  have punched  Jiddou while shouting racial slurs.

Witnesses  to  the events  of that  night have reported  Kennedy may have been intoxicated,  then was  told  to leave  a  bar called  The  Lodge in  downtown Cincinnati before the incident occurred.

Kennedy,  who was  accused of  verbal and  physical abuse,  eventually pleaded guilty to  a reduced  charge of disorderly conduct.

– Stephen (DS LLC.)


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