Bench-clearing brawl ends Acropolis tournament

Posted: 21/08/2010 in NBA, Other Sports

FIBA to act after fight between Greece and Serbia

Just a week before the start of the 2010 World Championship, FIBA, the governing body of international basketball, will launch an investigation into the fight between Greece and Serbia in the final of the Acropolis Tournament in Athens.

With just over 2 1/2 minutes remaining in Thursday’s contest, an incident between Serbia’s Milos Teodosic and Greece’s Antonis Fotsis escalated with players from both teams exchanging punches. Teodosic had fouled Fotsis moments earlier.

Serbia’s Nenad Krstic, who plays for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, was taken into police custody following the brawl.

Officials decided to stop the game after the fracas and Greece was awarded the title with a 74-73 victory.

FIBA issued a statement Friday, saying the scene that took place was unacceptable.

“FIBA, as the sport’s world governing body, is now urgently reviewing last night’s game and the circumstances leading to the violence,” the statement read. “FIBA will not be commenting on the actions of any individual player ahead of that review being completed. However, FIBA wishes to make it clear that it will not hesitate from taking the strongest possible action against any individual found to have brought the sport of basketball into disrepute.”

The World Championship begins next Saturday in Turkey.

– Stephen (DS LLC.)


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