BoSox, Epstein show interest in Maggs

Posted: 07/12/2010 in MLB

Epstein, Boston inquiring about Magglio Ordonez


The Tigers declined the 15 mil option for 11′ (smart move). Maggs is optimistic about returning to the Tigers. Leyland wants him back, but he is a Boras client (market-tester). With Ordonez’ injuries lately, Boras would be smart to offer team(s) less than 11.5/per (a more friendly-team offer could be something less than 9.5/per [with a 2nd year option, plus incentives). Theo likes him a lot, and he is pursuing him. It might be a nice right hand bat (which Boston needs) in the lineup. He would be a nice addition into left for the Sawx. Before he tore his ankle last year he hit .306/.378/.474 in 365 at bats, a legit All-Star-type year. He is 36, and I believe the Sox would spend no more than 15 mil over 2 years on him. Maggs could platoon with Cameron, he turns 37 next month. But he is low-med risk/high reward at this stage of his career. Maggs is a smart ball player/but injury prone. WHO ISN’T THOUGH IN BOSTON!?  If you remember when the A-Rod deal fell flat in 03′, the Sox then tried dealing Nomar in a package deal to Chi-town for Maggs and minor(s). With the addition of A-Gonzo, the Sox will have at least 4 lefties in the top two thirds of their lineup (Jacoby, J.D. Papi plus Gonzo [along with Youk – righty]). A right-handed bat is a need for Boston, and if the price is right, Maggs could be a great ‘smart’ financial move for Theo and the Sawx.
– Steve (DS LLC.)

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