Witness saw Bonds getting injection from Anderson

Posted: 01/04/2011 in MLB

Bonds aide says she saw trainer Anderson inject slugger


The focus in the Barry Bonds perjury case on Thursday was testimony from a childhood friend and Bonds’ personal physician.

Kathy Hoskins is the only one of 23 witnesses for the prosecution to say she actually saw Greg Anderson inject Bonds. Back in 2002, she was working as Bonds’ personal aide and was packing a suitcase for an upcoming road trip when she saw his trainer administer an injection into his abdomen.

She quoted Bonds as saying, “This is my girl, she won’t tell anyone. Do it right there,” and he pointed to his belly button. She did not ask any further questions, but Bonds informed her it was “a little something, something for when I go on the road. You can’t detect it. You can’t catch it.”

Hoskins, fighting back tears, told prosecutors that her brother’s testimony to federal prosecutors forced her to testify. “He threw me under the bus,” said Hoskins, the sister of Steve Hoskins.

When Dr. Arthur Ting took the stand, he vehemently denied any discussions he had with Steve Hoskins about Bonds’ alleged steroids use. Those discussions numbered at least 50, according to Hoskins, and Ting denied Hoskins’ revelation that Bonds’ 1999 elbow injury was caused by steroids use.

Twice Ting said that neither the surgery or any other discussions he had with Hoskins were steroids related.

– Steve


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