Prosecutors say lost recording of Bonds’ doctor found

Posted: 05/04/2011 in MLB
Taped recordings discovered in Bonds trial
The third week of the Barry Bonds perjury trial is underway, but progress stalled Monday because one of the jurors is suffering from kidney stones. Down a member of the jury, no testimony was heard. But it was revealed a key witness found a taped recording of Bonds’ physician talking about steroids.

Steve Hoskins, Bonds’ former business manager, had been discredited when Dr. Arthur Ting refused allegations he and Hoskins had nearly 50 conversations about Bonds’ use of steroids.

The prosecution hoped the re-discovered recording would back up Hoskins’ testimony, but the defense countered that it had been subject to a grand jury subpoena in 2005 and wondered why it hadn’t been presented as evidence until now.

The development will likely extend the trial another week as four more witnesses are called to the stand on Tuesday. Three are lab workers and one is Dr. Don Catlin, the former head of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory.

The new evidence may not be admissible in court but it could result in the prosecution asking permission to recall Hoskins and Dr. Ting. Portions of Bonds’ grand jury testimony are to be read to the jury.

The juror suffering from kidney stones — all jurors will remain unnamed until a day after a verdict — is a 60-year-old from Antioch who currently works for as a data center engineer. He is a father of four and served in the Vietnam War as a helicopter pilot.

There are only two alternates. Should the juror need to be replaced, the first alternate is a woman who works part-time at a restaurant. That would bring the total to nine women and three men on the panel.

– Steve


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