Judge says her ruling on lockout will take a couple of weeks

Posted: 07/04/2011 in NFL

Judge needs time to rule on NFL lockout


A U.S. District Court judge said Wednesday she will need more time to rule on whether or not to grant an injunction to lift the NFL lockout.

“We will be awaiting that decision with the same anticipation you are,” said NFL outside counsel David Boies.

Judge Susan Richard Nelson also suggested further mediation between the sides in federal court. She said her decision on the injunction, which will likely be followed by appeals, will take of couple of weeks.

While NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith said the plaintiffs “argued to get our games back in the hands of the players, and back in the hands of the fans,” the outside counsel for the players said they argued the lockout was causing “irreparable harm.”

“The fact is we have almost 900 players who are without contracts and they need to find jobs, they need to try to get on rosters,” said Jim Quinn. “Every day they can’t do that, they’re suffering irreparable harm.”

Quinn said the players would consider a return to mediation in a federal setting after Nelson’s recommendation.

“Any way to get the players back on the field,” he said.

– Steve


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