One of five charges against Bonds dropped; defense rests

Posted: 07/04/2011 in MLB

Bonds trial set for closing arguments

Barry Bonds’ defense team rested its case without calling a single witness to the stand on Wednesday, minutes after Judge Susan Illston dismissed one of the charges of lying to a grand jury.

A decision in the trial could come as early as Friday, where within two miles from the courthouse, the Giants will be raising the World Series championship flag in their home opener. It’s the first time the franchise is celebrating a title since moving west in 1958.

The charges remaining are that Bonds denied knowingly receiving steroids from his trainer Greg Anderson, denied getting injections of human growth hormone from Anderson, and that he only received injections from physicians. The final count is of obstruction of justice.

The defense only read one answer of grand jury testimony from Bonds’ former mistress Kimberly Bell who says she wrote her own diary. That conflicts with her own trial testimony that she had help from a ghost writer.

The closing argument by Bonds’ lawyers could take about three hours on Thursday with the trial possibly reaching a verdict on Friday if the schedule holds up.

– Steve


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